Enter the Synthetic Dream Machine! The weather's perfect inside.

Synthetic Dream Machine

a psychedelic roleplaying game

The System (One-Page)

The System (Regular Size)

The Character (ERK)

Powers Enumerated (all the spells)

Some Questions Answered (FAQ)

Get The Goods

SDM: Eternal Return Key – BAREGHOST edition (free!)

SDM: Eternal Return Key – CHROMADEMON edition ($6.99)

The art-full chromademon edition adds a graphic story, replacing the whitespace with a vivid and mind-bent look into the world of the Ultraviolet Grasslands.
Oh, and there’s a map, too.

Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City – 2nd Edition

Welcome back to the strange lands west of the sunset, where the ultraviolet haze does reign. More pages, bigger art, strange creatures, weird vehicles, and the same exuberant trip.

Hardback, 252 pages,
full-color, all-odd.

More world coming soon. Please stand by.

Would you like a cookie while you wait?

A bogomol views an onrushing thing.